Breaking Ground’s Yesterday’s Dropouts

Breaking Ground’s Yesterday’s Dropouts

Breaking Ground focuses on the growing levels of poverty in the United States. This first documentary examines how low levels of literacy affect our individuals and communities. Montgomery County is home to around 34500 adult citizens with low literacy, 14% of the county’s total population. These citizens face unique challenges economically and socially. From understanding technical manuals for work, finding one’s way around town with a map, to being able to read the warning label on medications for a child, literacy skills are essential to successfully navigating the adult world.Your Montgomery City-County Public Library works toward providing adults with the resources needed to improve literacy. A more literate Montgomery is a safer, healthier, and wealthier Montgomery for all our citizens.

Finding Time in 2014

“You may delay, but time will not.”

Benjamin Franklin
1758 ed. of Poor Richard’s Almanac

So for all five of you who are following this blog, you might have noticed a lack of… well… “content.” This is quite unfortunate. So many stories in the past four months should have been shared. As a young buck fresh from the ivory tower of The University, I have been at times startled, bemused, and awestruck at what I have been witness to at the public library. But what amazing things have I done! What inspiring people have I met! Serving the people of my hometown has allowed me for the first time to fall in love with it. Not just with where it is, or where it has been, but where it will be.

But with all this busying about, who has time to write a blog? Well I do… somewhere… somehow I must. I won’t have that room of one’s own to write for a while so I better get used to making some solitude on my own. Five minutes here to outline, a few minutes there to review, an unexpected fifteen minutes to junk that and start over.

With Aud Lang Syne still ringing in the ears, I prepare for the new year. Admittedly this would have been more productive if I had begun a few days before December 31st, but such is the situation. Now that school is over, or at the very least put off for a bit (after all, whats a tie without a doctorate?), i’ll have to arrange my schedule rather spectacularly to get to the ALA conference this year. June 26-July  1 in Las Vegas. Have never been before, it’ll be spectacular!