Once again, we begin…

This post could also be titled ‘Don’t bother reading’ or ‘Breaking News: Blog determined to have another go… and this time it’ll work’

I’ve never been good at this whole writing something interesting every week thing. I like to take it slow in my writing, writing essays and letting them sit in the drawer and ferment til the ink fades and the paper crumbles.

I thought it would be cool to have a blog concerned with theology and librarianship. Not theological librarianship, that is concerning the creation and maintenance of theological libraries… but rather what interested me is where God meets humanity in the stacks. How does the Gospel resonate in library policy? How does our understanding of the great cloud of witnesses change when their witness is leather bound and alphabetized? Isn’t it about time we articulate an eschatology of the book?

This go around I dare not be so bold. I just need to write. Finely or poorly, I just need to write. If this blog actually turns into something articulate and meaningful, so be it. Until then i’ll be content to be one more of the millions of bloggers shouting into the wind.

On my own, this blog will return to electronic dust. Only through the Holy Spirit will this seed germinate into some worthy fruit… I ask for your prayers.


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