Preachers on Preaching

The idea of serving my churcb has always been appealing. Standing before a congregation week after week has never been tempting (there was a brief moment in the fall of 2007, but thats a whole story in itself). My calling has so far kept me in the pews, where i have been blessed to witness the spirit move hearts using the voice, the words, even the body of the preacher.

This podcast, produced by The Christian Century magazine, looks behind the curtain that is the pulpit and examines how preachers see their own work. Each week Matt Fitzgerald has  a forty five minute conversation with an american preacher. The podcast celebrates the variety of traditions represented in american christianity. Althougb the intended audience is clergy, as a layman i have appreciated the insight provided by clergy in describing not only what they beleive occura when they preach, but also how they have developed over the years.

I highly reccommend this podcast for clergy and layperson alike. I have been very impressed by the variety of guest preachers and the depth of the conversation.


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