I hate blogging

Let me explain, ranting is fine. Ranting is the common currency on which the internet runs. the rant will be the pulp romance genre of future catalog librarians.

(To be honest its hard to take seriously any technology in which my much younger self used with such fervor during a month long fight of words that ended my first “romance”.)

But ranting and job security rarely go hand in hand. When they do, its quite brilliant and i’m very envious of those that can pull it off. For now i’ll keep my rants close to my chest, along with my friends.

Blogging involves a level of confidence in one’s writing which is baffling. I’m a tinkerer. I enjoy editing, I enjoy reviewing, I enjoy the creative power of that red pen I so dreaded in grade school. If I were to create a draft of a blog entry, it would not end there. Revisions are a must! Plural! Endlessly changing this definitive article here, that prepositional phrase there.

Having said this, I need to get over myself. The year is 2014, if for only a couple more months. For the moment this is what I am asked to do, poorly and inconsistently.


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