A Working Title

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespear
Act II, Scene I

Mommy, can I get more time?

–Unnamed and now quite embarrassed twelve year old male patron asking me to give him more time for the computer.

This is not a bondage librarian blog. Sorry to disappoint. The ‘name-your-kink librarian’ blogs are all the vogue at the moment. This blog will be rather vanilla. Not to mean ordinary, plain, without flavor as is usually meant by the term. In reality, Vanilla is non of these. Freshly ground. Mexican bean from the mountainous region of Totonacapan. A bean with a cultivated lineage older than the Aztecs.  Vanilla doesn’t just have flavor, it is flavor. This bean is a direct descendant of Princess Xanat. Fleeing with her forbidden lover into the forest. Caught. Beheaded. Their blood, already one with love, spilt to the ground. From the damp red soil grew the Vanilla Orchid. Least that’s how the Totonac tell it.

(Patricia Rice’s Vanilla: The Cultural History of the World’s Favorite Flavor and Fragrance comes highly recommended. I’ll be posting a book review soon.)

Passion sans bondage.

I am a librarian. I live to serve others, find the information they need. I live to make this information accessible for today and tomorrow. I live for ‘pimp my book-cart’ events.

A footnote. I am a librarian by education, not by title. I have the degree but for the moment am working as a Library Assistant I. I’m eager to get to a professional level more inline with my employment  but not despondent about my current position. Seriously, i’m working in a library… with books… and computers… and real patrons! oh the patrons! The needy, random, joyful, funny, kind, snappy, polite, stubborn patrons! I’m living the dream, if I could only jump back in time and let my younger self know while working with petri dishes is fun, i’ll really find my heart behind the reference desk. Our ignorance of the future makes life all the more worth living. Paths are seldom straight. If I tried to lay out my life story as a line, it’d be a knotty one with crooks and bends, twists and turns. Like a messy tie.

So yeah, ties. I wear them when I can. I enjoy the routine of getting myself in the mirror and folding a long piece of cloth around my neck to make a shorter piece of cloth. It wasn’t until college that I finally learned how to tie it on my own. I’m not the most coordinated and struggled with mastering the Windsor knot. (thank you tie-a-tie.net/ for getting me through this developmental stage) So once I got the hang of it, why not keep on with it?

Librarians get a bad rap these days for being a “profession.” What is it we do again? Isn’t that why we have Google? Does anyone ever have the gal to go up to the auto-mechanic and explain Don’t we have robots for that? And school… why oh why do we need a graduate degree for our profession? All these are fair questions, with equally fair though truth be told a bit knotty answers. Hopefully this blog will go a small ways to making the library, as a place and profession, a little more understandable. At the very least to the author himself.

Stephen Deloney


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